2019 Mars. De-Hydrated. Collective. The Norwegian Institute, Athens. Pictures from the series “Warm was the Night”

2019 January. De-Hydrated. Collective. Cyan Gallery, Oslo. Pictures from the series “Warm was the Night”

2018 Mars. Cyan Gallery, Oslo. “Something and Nothing”. 5 photographers. My series “Beijing Nights” - 9 pictures.

2018 Mars Collective Oslo Camera Club. Gallery Albin Up, Oslo. 90 photographers 90 pictures.

2017 November - 2018 January “PhotoCat” Schilt Publishing & Gallery, Amsterdam. Exhibition of pictures from the book (se links under photo-books further down). 2018 February - June Bloom Restaurant, Amsterdam. 2 pictures.

2017 June- July. Collective. NordPhotography 5 years anniversary exhibition. NordPhotography, Saga, Inderøy. 24 pictures selected by Elisabeth Nordeng Aanes.  One picture.

2017 May + July. Eidsvold Park and Traktorhallen. Cooperative with Harald Opheim. Eidsvold. Two pictures. 

2017 February-April. Collective. Palazzo Stabile 1 (PS 1) Pictures from Piemonte. Café LY, Oslo. 10 pictures.

2017 February. Collective. NORDphotography's Mentorprogramme. Cyan Gallery, Oslo. 6 Pictures. 

2016 December. Collective. "Grenseløse Oslo". Oslo Camera Club. Gallery Albin Up, Oslo. External jury. 2 pictures. 

2016 June. Collective. PhotOslo. Hotel Clarion, Oslo. Norwegian Society for Photography (NSFF). 3 Pictures.

2016 April. "Kvinnehistorie(r)." Cooperative with Lise-Kari Berg. Installation, textile and photography. Gallery Innsyn, Oslo. Lise-Kari Berg and Karin Elise Fajersson. 12 pictures. 

2016 Mars. Collective. "12 Photographers". Gallery Albin Up, Oslo. 6 Pictures.

2015 June-July. "Kvinnehistori(r). Cooperative with Lise-Kari Berg. Installation, textile and photographies. Røst, Lofoten. 16 pictures. 

2015 September. Collective. Nasjonal Fotovandring. Japan Photo, Oslo. 3 pictures. 

2014 September. Collective. "Blikk på Oslo". Oslo Camera Club. Gallery Vulcan, Oslo. 1 picture each photographer. 1 picture.

2014 Agust-October. Collective. "Poesia". Café Lyst, Oslo. 3 photographers. 12 pictures. Kurator Dimitri Koutsomytis.

2013. October. "De Noruega". Collective Exhibition with Oslo Camera Club at Centro Municipal Integrado Julián Sánchez el Charro, Salamanca, Spain. Permanent Collective Exhibition at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, by Junta de Castilla y León, Salamanca, Spain. 2 pictures. 

2013. April. Collective. Oslo Camera Club. Winning pictures from the spring- and autumn competition 2013. 2 pictures.


Nordic Championship - Nordiska Fotomästerskapet. 2017 accepted 3 pictures. 

National Championship Competition. Norwegian Society for Photography (NSFF). 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 Various awards: one gold (2017), honourable mentions and accepted. 2017 Jan Baashus-Jessen's price for most creative picture

Oslo Camera Club 2012 - now. Various awards. Club Master Oslo Camera Club 2016, 2015 and 2014. (Oslo Kamera Klubb is Norway's largest and oldest photo-club. 'Club-master' means winning the spring and autumn competitions in total). .





2018 “Barnehagepedagogiske linjeskift” Tove Lafton & Ann Merete Otterstad (ed). Oslo: Fagbokforlaget. A book about Early Childhood pedagogy (research). 14 full page pictures + cover pictures.

2017 “PhotoCat” Schilt Publishing & Gallery. Amsterdam. Schilt Publishing & Gallery is a publishing house specialised in high quality photography and art books as well as a commercial gallery representing a range of top class artists from all over the world. Two pictures. Online rewievs which includes one of my pictures: Another and Feature Shot.

2017. SAGA Volume 1. NORDphotography, SAGA –  center for photography. Five years anniversary photo-book. BLURB. One picture. 

2016. PS1 "Palazio Stabile". Photographies from Piemonte, Italy. 9 Photographers. BLURB. 9 pictures.

2015. "Poesia". Photographies and lyrics from the exhibition by Målfrid Sand, Eduardo Valle de Anton and Karin Elise Fajersson. BLURB. 10 Pictures